City of Norfolk

NORFOLK - With a flood and an abundance of water last year, this year Northeast Nebraska is experiencing a relatively dry summer.

Norfolk residents have had to water their lawn more than normal which has led to a decrease in water pressure throughout town.

City of Norfolk Water Director Dennis Watts says even though water pressure is down, the city’s water supply is still in good shape.

Watts says the high summer hourly demands are generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from around 2 to 7 and to help out the water pressure, they’re encouraging staggered watering.

"If your address ends in an even number we're asking that you continue to water as you are on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, but we're asking people with their address ending in an odd number to water Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's."

Watts says by staggering watering the city’s water system won’t exceed as many drops in pressure.

For questions contact the Norfolk Water Division.

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