City council chambers NDN

NORFOLK - The Norfolk City Council approved levying multiple assessments at its meeting Monday night.

A number of the assessments were the results of extending water and sewer to newly developed areas.

A sanitary sewer extension north of Magnet Drive was opposed by Elkhorn Valley Ethanol. Plant manager Joe Gillespie said the plant’s decision makers weren’t in communication with their legal team on all the details.

City Engineer Steve Rames said the legal team was first contacted in the beginning stages of the project.

"The information that was shared with them back through the period of summer of 2018 - as we were preparing these and getting ready for the creation ordinance - for the water assessment, we had shared, an estimated assessment cost of $95,474.30 and $91,625.47 on the sewer. The final numbers on water for them are $94,020.58."

Ultimately the council voted to approve the assessments for the Northeast Industrial project with Councilman Shane Claussen voting against and Councilman Dick Pfeil abstaining.

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