Scam Alert

Yellow scam alert road sign

LINCOLN - It’s never fun paying for debt, and you need to watch out for potential debt relief scammers.

Jennifer Brehm with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office says if you have student debt, watch out for debt relief companies that don’t offer relief at all but are just scammers after your money.

Brehm says you also need to do your research.

"Student loan scammers often require you to pay up-front or maintenance fees.  Federal loan servicers will never charges fees to help borrowers with their student loans.  If you’re asked to do so you’re not dealing with the Department of Education or one of their servicers."

Brehm says also student loan debt relief companies DO NOT have the ability to negotiate with your federal loan servicer for a “special deal.” 

She says servicers working on behalf of the Department of Education can help you with repayment plans and loan consolidation. You can find a list of them on the Federal Student Aid website.

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