UTVs AREN'T just for parades anymore. UTVs will be allowed within Norfolk City limits only after being inspected and getting registration from the Norfolk Police Division.

NORFOLK - Utility terrain vehicles are now allowed within city limits after a decision by the Norfolk City Council Monday night.

Police Chief Don Miller says a new city ordinance was developed after extensive consideration by the Norfolk Police Division and elected officials.

Miller says this is for limited vehicles and does not include ATVs.

"It's only allowed between sunrise and sunset. The total number - if it's a three passenger vehicle - it can only have three people. You can't have extra people hanging on it. The maximum speed limit is 30 miles per hour unless the speed limit is slower. The driver must be 18-years-old and have a valid driver's license or farm permit. An important piece is that they can cross state highways, but they cannot operate on state highways."

Miller says there are some equipment requirements and you need to bring the vehicle to the Norfolk Police Station before you can register the UTV.

A full list of requirements and guidelines is available on the Norfolk Police Division’s website.

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