Matthew Blomstedt at the Capitol

LINCOLN - Now that the loosened directed health measures have been announced, guidance on graduation and summer schools has also been released.

Nebraska Department of Education Director Matthew Blomstedt says moving toward a summer learning environment will become possible with at least some in person possibilities.

"Our schools are really interested in serving students with special needs who need some one on one attention as well as serving students where this remote learning environment wasn't ideal. In person summer school would help them catch up on unfinished learning."

Blomstedt says in person graduation ceremonies will be able to take place under the loosened DHMs. Venues can have 25 percent of the rated occupancy or not to exceed 3,000.

He says they’re asking schools to work with their local health districts to develop a graduation ceremony plan.

With this new announcement on graduations, Blomstedt says it will provide a good sense of relief for students and put a close on the school year.

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