OMAHA - The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every age group and has been especially difficult for older adults as well as health care providers.

If you’re suffering from mental health issues during this time, there’s resources available to you.

Dr. Steven Wengel, Assistant Vice Chancellor for campus wellness at the University of Nebraska Medical Center says there’s a free app out there produced by the Veterans Administration called CBT-I Coach.

"It will give you really good tools to help you sleep without taking pills. It will help you talk back to the negative thoughts. When you tell yourself you won't sleep good, you won't sleep very well. Cognitive behavior therapy helps you talk back to those negative thoughts. It also has relaxation things on there. Even if you don't suffer from insomnia, it's a really good app."

Wengel says if you’re stressed make sure you get enough sleep, maintain a healthy routine, and stay socially connected.

If you need help or someone to talk to, call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 which provides immediate crisis counseling to people affected by the pandemic.

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