Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce has added its support for a couple of arts bills in the Nebraska Legislature.

At the Governmental Affairs Council meeting Thursday Scott Williams brought up LB943 as well as LB942 which goes hand in hand with each other.

Williams said LB943 would add creative districts to the state and funding would come from LB942, “Support the Arts License Plates” and annually there would be around $20,000 to $25,000 a year to fund the competitive grants that the Nebraska Arts Council would monitor.

He said it’s designed to help museums, arts centers, and other communities enhance its footprints in cultural arts.

"In Norfolk's case we have our sculpture walk and if we applied for a competitive grant and won it, that funding could be used to buy a sculpture or two from artists and put them on the sculpture walk."

Williams said he brought it to everyone’s attention because the Northeast Nebraska community wants to create the idea and actuality that they’re open to young people and the arts.

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