Target based grading discussion at NPS board meeting

NORFOLK - Approximately 50 people attended the Norfolk Public Schools Board of Education meeting Monday night to hear from administrators about target based grading and voice their concerns and suggestions.

Some concerns the board and public had were about student laziness, test anxiety, scholarship harmfulness, and tests being given too much power.

As part of feedback they had previously received, Director of Teaching and Learning Beth Nelson said they will form a committee to facilitate more parent and student involvement, create a four point conversion chart for use in 2020-21, and revise the implementation timeline.

Superintendent Dr. Jami Jo Thompson said they will continue to revise and communicate their reassessment process.

"We have made a lot of changes at the Senior High already based on the feedback we got and how the process was working at the beginning of the year. We're going to keep refining that to make it as best as we can. We are also willing to allow homework and quizzes to be included as a small percentage of a student's grade."

Thompson said they would like to continue the target based grading pilot as is second semester, but slow down future expansion at the Senior High level.

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