The Great Park Pursuit encourages participants to find posts placed at official park sites across the state.

LINCOLN - You’re encouraged to take part in the 2020 Great Park Pursuit as the summer season is underway.

Bob Hanover, Assistant Division Administrator at Nebraska Game and Parks Commission says the free program is an opportunity for you to visit Nebraska’s many park areas.

"We placed 20 metal posts around the state in different parks, city parks, state parks, county parks, and national park areas to get people out, and they make a rubbing or take a photo with our app to prove that they've been to that location. The real goal is to get some exercise, to be outside, to learn about the great outdoor experiences Nebraska has, and then those who do those posts and submit their finds, they're eligible to win some pretty nice prizes."

Hanover says some of the prizes include Nebraska state park entry permits for 2021, an iPad, and the grand prize, an outdoor recreation package valued at $1,500.

He says with the COVID-19 pandemic, participants have until October 31st to submit their stops.

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