Field Planting

LINCOLN - The USDA Farm Service Agency’s spring acreage reporting season is starting and is a requirement for producers to maintain eligibility for many USDA program benefits.

Public Affairs and Outreach Coordinator Bobbie Kriz-Wickham says producers need to report all of their spring planted crop acres and perennial grasses if they have them.

Kriz-Wickham says the information they need from producers is generally the same every year.

"For each field or sub field we need to know what crop is being planted, what its intended use is, when you finish planting it, as well as if it's irrigated or non-irrigated. Even the shares on each field is important as part of the acreage reporting process."

Kriz-Wickham says your local county office may even send out or print off a map of your fields from the year before that you can mark and change.

The deadline to have reporting done and given to your FSA office isn’t until mid-July.

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