Roadside Memorial

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Department of Transportation is seeing early success in its roadside memorial policy.

Communication Manager Jeni Campana says back in November they announced new guidance for roadside memorials, aimed at allowing an immediate family member to memorialize a death which occurred as the result of a vehicular crash on the State Highway System.

"How do we balance our need for safety with the needs of a grieving family? And how do we strike that balance with being able to memorial that person as a family wishes while also reducing distractions for folks on the roadway and also eliminating the possibility of folks on the roadway coming out to maintain that sign and they may be stopped on the road."

Campana says you can apply for an NDOT produced sign to be put up as a memorial.

She says each sign includes a safety message as well as the name of the individual being memorialized.

To apply for a sign go to DOT.Nebraska.Gov.

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