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NORFOLK - Although the winter season is fast approaching, City of Norfolk road crews are still trying to do some work.

City Engineer Steve Rames says one project they’ll start on next week is terrace grading and street maintenance on 25th Street north of Benjamin Avenue.

Rames says it’s a rural section of road and over the years there’s been a build-up of sand on the edges.

"The drainage isn't able to get off of the road and during the spring it thaws and saturates the sub-grade. We want to do a little bit of preventative maintenance and cut those shoulders back, maybe touch-up a few ditch bottoms, and we'll seal what we can with some of that crack seal material."

Rames says depending on weather, work will take approximately two weeks to complete.

As for other projects, he says most of the contracted work is complete, but the street maintenance crews are still out on nice days to do panel repairs.

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