Madison County Courthouse

MADISON - Road construction is set to start after the Madison County Fair on North Main Street off of Highway 81 by Big Country Auto of Madison.

At the Madison County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday the board talked with the Owner of Big Country Auto Sean Morrissey and heard his concern about the construction project as it would hurt his business.

There is only one way to get into the dealership off of the highway which is where the construction will be, otherwise you have to go into Madison and come around the back side of the dealership.

Morrissey says people that live around the area would know the alternative way, but people elsewhere wouldn’t and that’s most of their business.

"I looked at the first three weeks of last month and had 55 transactions. The customers were from Wood River, Creston, Humphrey, Lincoln, Norfolk, Randolph, Fullerton, Clarkson, Wayne, O'Neill. Everyone is coming off of Highway 81. Those numbers don't even include our parts or service business. If customers can't visit my dealership from the highway it would be crippling."

The board discussed different ways to be able to get into the dealership from the highway during construction like having it one lane, putting rock down for another lane, or even open the old highway back up, but all options have to be approved from the state.

The board unanimously approved a motion for Road Superintendent Dick Johnson to call the state and see what the state is willing to do.

If the state can’t do anything the only other option would be to put detour signs up to let people know how to get to the dealership from the back way.

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