LINCOLN - The ethanol industry is strong in Nebraska and it plays a big part in supporting the agriculture industry.

Kurtis Harms, Director of Communications for the Nebraska Corn Board says Thursday Governor Pete Ricketts will proclaim June as Renewable Fuels Month in the state highlighting its importance.

Harms says there’s a lot of untrue myths out there that claim higher blends of ethanol are bad for your vehicle.

"Any vehicle is approved to use E10 which is the most common fuel that is out there. Vehicles 2001 or newer, the EPA has approved all of those vehicles to be able to use E15. Once you get past E15 you will need a flex fuel vehicle and they can use any blend of ethanol and it will be just fine on the engine."

Harms says you will experience less gas mileage with higher ethanol blends, but you will save money in the long run as those higher blends are cheaper.

He says Biodiesel is another important biofuel as it supports the state’s soybean farmers and provides health benefits to the general public.

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