Gov. Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN - On March 19th Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed an executive order extending the date for driver’s license, vehicle titling, and registration renewals.

During a press conference Thursday Ricketts said he is lifting that executive order and giving people until August 31st to renew their license or registration if it’s due during this time.

Julie Maaske, Deputy Director at the Department of Motor Vehicles said the order was lifted with county and state services nearing full capacity.

"The change does not affect the separate executive order signed on May 26th which extended the expiration date for driver's licenses for those 72 and older whose license expired between March 1st and December 31st of 2020. For these drivers, their driver's license will remain valid for one year after the expiration date that's printed on the license. No action is needed by the folks at this time."

DMV offices may be a little bit busier now, so Maaske encourages you to go online to DMV.Nebraska.Gov to renew your license or registration.

In other news

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