Ricketts Feb. 17 Press Briefing

Nebraska Tax Commissioner Tony Fulton (podium) and Gov. Ricketts (in back of podium) at this morning’s press conference.

LINCOLN - You may have experienced some power outages the past couple of days due to rolling blackouts.

During Governor Pete Ricketts’ press briefing Wednesday he thanked all of the utility workers who’ve been working nonstop to keep the power supply going.

"However, these rolling blackouts are completely unacceptable. This is the United States of America, we are not some developing nation who has an unreliable power grid here. We have to have a conversation in this country about the power sources that are supplying energy to our power grid. Because we cannot have these rolling blackouts at a time when we have these frigid temperatures. I'll be working with state senators, other governors, and talk to power executive about how we move forward to make sure this does not happen in the future."

Ricketts also highlighted the Nebraska School District Property Tax look up tool, where you can now claim the LB 1107 Property Tax Credit on your income tax returns. 

Tax Commissioner Tony Fulton says you can now claim a refundable income tax credit for a portion of the school districts taxes you’ve paid.

You can access the tool at Revenue.Nebraska.Gov.

In other news

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska officials expect to release a plan in the next two weeks for vaccinating residents with underlying health conditions after they were removed from the high-priority group of senior citizens that are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine right now.