Farm Land

LINCOLN - This week is national Ag week and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is celebrating it by visiting various towns throughout the state.

Ricketts says Nebraska’s dominance in agriculture is reflected in the national rankings as the state is number one for cattle on feed, popcorn, and Great Northern Beans as well as number two in cattle and calves, ethanol production, and hay production.

He says one thing they’ll talk about is how to expand agriculture, and one option would be through increased trade.

"There's going to be two billion more people on the face of the earth by 2050 and because of rising standards of living we'll have to double the food supply. That's a great opportunity for us here in Nebraska to be able to take advantage of that and so we want to open up those markets oversees to be able to provide for that increased demand."     

Nebraska Department of Agriculture Director Steve Wellman says the state is rooted in a deep agrarian history, and the future is bright thanks to the state’s strong agriculture industry.

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