NORFOLK - A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Saturday morning to celebrate the new Miracle Skatepark.

Mayor Josh Moenning gave some remarks and said this was a collaborative effort.

"Five years ago a group of many of you here today came to the Norfolk City Council and said, 'Look, we need a new skate park,' the old Miracle Skatepark was literally falling to pieces. And it was time for action, but what prompted that action was citizen engagement."

Lyndsy Jenness with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development said during the design phase the skate park was granted some grant funding.

"A big part of the Community Development Block Grant - you hear about the CDBG program and there's a lot of different facets of that, but this is the tourism element of that. This project is designed both for the community to use, but for it to be a draw into your community so that you can host local and regional events and fully utilize this facility."

Anthony Thompson the President for Good Life Action Sports said Spohn Ranch designed the park with the help from local users through a series of design workshops.

The park features a kidney bowl, a variety of street elements and a mini-ramp section.

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