Glaucoma in the eye

OMAHA - January is Glaucoma Awareness Month and a well-known ophthalmologist from Miami who was recently in Omaha emphasized the importance of screenings.

Dr. Steven Gedde, Director and Vice Chair of Education at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute talked to University of Nebraska Medical Center physicians and said patients who have a history of elevated eye pressure or family history of glaucoma should get a complete exam.

"Some of the standard testing we do for glaucoma involves a measurement of the eye pressure, an examination of the optic nerve, some testing including visual field tests evaluating peripheral vision, and a photographic analysis of the thickness of the nerve layer around the optic nerve."

Geede said it’s a disease that doesn’t produce symptoms so regular screenings are very important.

He said glaucoma is a very treatable disease as treatment is directed towards lowering the eye pressure to halt any further damage from occurring to the optic nerve.

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