American Red Cross NDN

NORFOLK - The American Red Cross has issued an emergency need of plasma in an effort to treat those with COVID-19.

Regional Communications Director Josh Murray says they’re asking individuals who have fully recovered and received a verified COVID-19 diagnosis to donate plasma.

Murray says COVID-19 survivors have a unique ability to help up to three patients recover from the virus.

"We've been able to collect plasma from them and provide to hospitals to help them treat those patients. We are seeing (now) a shortage of that. We've had a great response initially when we first started this about a month ago, but now more and more people as we know - the numbers keep going up more and more people are infected by COVID-19. This treatment does help and (the hospitals) want to offer it to more people so we want to do our part and try to collect as much as we can."

Murray says blood donations are also encouraged at this time to help keep a robust blood supply as the pandemic continues.

He says your blood donations are also being tested for COVID-19 antibodies.

To find a blood drive near you go to RedCrossBlood.Org.

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