Propane Education and Research Council

KANSAS CITY, MO - A lot of propane to dry crops has been needed in the Midwest this year thanks to the wet weather.

Mike Newland, Director of Ag Business Development with the Propane Education and Research Council told News Talk WJAG, the crop from the Eastern Corn Belt all the way through the upper Midwest is carrying a lot of moisture.

"We've got "Hours of Service" waivers in place in most of the corn producing states. What that waiver does is let transport drivers stay on the road longer and haul more propane. Some of the wholesale companies have taken it a step further and brought more transport trucks in so there are more trucks on the road for longer periods. That's really helping in some areas so product gets where it needs to be."

In Nebraska, Governor Pete Ricketts issued an executive order to suspend weight limits on transportation of propane.

As for propane innovation, Newland said they’re developing new ways to use propane with one of them being agronomic heat treating.

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