CHS Propane Terminal

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN - As some farmers get ready for harvest, it’s important their propane supply is stocked.

Regional account manager for CHS Mike Holy tells News Talk WJAG communication with your propane supplier is vital in addressing your needs.

"You want to ask your propane supplier about right sizing your storage capacity. By right sizing your storage capacity, you're going to make it easier for your supplier to keep you supplied when the propane demand hits and also it's going to protect you in case there's some price spikes in the future especially what you see in some high demand environments."

Holy says agriculture crop dry demand for propane is only about five to ten percent of the total U.S. propane demand in a given year.

He says given that it’s a commodity traded daily, you’re encouraged to talk to your propane supplier about the right time to buy.

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