Insects in flour

LINCOLN - Most household food items come from the store sealed in air tight containers, but sometimes you should inspect that food before consuming.

Nebraska Extension Urban Entomologist Jody Green says food items containing flour are usually the most susceptible to household pests.

"The types of insects that attack food particularly stored products that you have in your pantry are going to mostly be flour beetles. The ones that are the most common are called red flour beetles. They're really small probably about a quarter of an inch at most, but because they're beetles they have complete metamorphosis. So they've got the larval pupa and adult stage."

Green says dried food from the grocery store like pancake mix, flour, pasta, and cereal is where you’ll most likely find these pests.

She says before purchase, check for rips or tears in packaging and other signs of infestations, and also avoid buying in bulk and storing large quantities of products in the pantry.

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