Summer Grilling

LINCOLN - With the Fourth of July weekend here, you may be taking part in some grilling, and it’s important you practice food safety.

Nebraska Extension Assistant Nancy Urbanic says food poisoning peaks in the summer months when summer temperatures cause food borne germs to flourish.

Urbanic says when shopping make sure you separate raw meat and poultry in separate bags as well separate raw items from cooked items when storing.

She says when grilling food temperature is the only way to make sure everything is hot enough to kill harmful bacteria.

"Our whole cuts of beef, pork, veal should be at 145 degrees as well as fish. Anything made from grilled meat, such as hamburgers or other ground beef gets to be 160 degrees Fahrenheit. And all poultry products, whether it's ground or cut up needs to be 165 degrees."

Urbanic says chilling is important too when shopping, and you should always have chilled food put away as soon as you get home.

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