Pork Checkoff

DES MOINES, IA - With the grilling season officially underway, the National Pork Board says they’re expecting a strong demand pull from consumers this summer.

Tara Ann Dugan is the director of research and insights for the organization and says 100 percent of packing plants are operating at greater than 60 percent and consumers are expanding their cooking and preparations beyond the kitchen.

Dugan says fewer consumers are reporting pork out of stock.

"Not only are people able to get some of their beloved cuts, but they're also seeing some of those larger pork cuts available as well such as whole shoulders. The good news about that is that we've started to see a big uptick over the past few years in consumer trends towards smoking."

Dugan says while social distancing restrictions are starting to relax, their research shows at least 55 percent of consumers are still avoiding eating out which is good news for pork demand.

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