Dr. Emily Afrank

NORFOLK - It’s Women’s Health Month and the importance of physical therapy for women is being highlighted.

Dr. Emily Afrank, Clinical Director at Family Physical Therapy at Fountain Point says physical therapy can help with pelvic floor weakness and pelvic pain.

Afrank says physical therapy to help those private areas can be uncomfortable to talk about, but sessions are confidential.

"I always say, getting you into our clinic is the hardest part. Once you're there though and you get the education and understand what we can do, I don't think I have patients that miss after that. They come back because they appreciate the information, see changes, and see the improvements."

Afrank says if you are doing exercises at home to help with pelvic pain and they aren’t working, you may be doing them wrong so physical therapy can help with that.

She says you should talk with your doctor and see if physical therapy is right for you.

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