Norfolk Public Schools administration building

NORFOLK - Norfolk Public Schools’ budget for this year was approved by the Board of Education at its meeting Monday night.

Associate Superintendent Dr. Bill Robinson said the general fund budget comes to $71 million and the district’s budget of expenditures is $48.8 million.

"This budget will allow the district to continue its current programs and goals for 2021 without the need to use existing cash reserve. All of the other district's funds represent adequate cash flow with those total balances being budgeted as expenditures."

Robinson said he recommends a levy decrease of 4.6 cents which would make the levy $1.12 for this year.

Board member Bruce Mitchell said he’s pleased the levy has continued to decrease over the years which is thanks to smart spending and creative thinking on restructuring bonds.

Superintendent Dr. Jami Jo Thompson said they’ve reduced the levy by 19 cents in the last ten years.

The board unanimously approved the budget and tax request.

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