COLUMBUS - The Nebraska Public Power District is reminding people to be safe around power lines after a recent incident that resulted in a Kearney resident getting electrocuted.

Media Relations Specialist Grant Otten says the person is okay, but stresses the importance of being safe around power lines.

Otten says minimum clearance distances, meaning how close you or anything you are touching should come to a utility-owned power line is ten feet and goes up to 20 feet at the higher voltages in NPPD’s system.

He says lots of people love to go hunting around this time of the year so it’s important to be careful around power lines when out in a field.

"If you're out in the fields and you're in areas where power lines are at, make sure you don't shoot at a power line. You also need to make sure everything is alright with it. There might be some icicle build up if there was a really icy storm. It's important to stay away from that stuff."

Otten says if you do see something wrong with a power line or it’s down, call your local power utility right away.

If its NPPD call 1-877-ASK-NPPD.

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