Nebraska Public Power District

COLUMBUS - The Nebraska Public Power District has identified a growing number of scam calls being reported by customers.

Supervisor of Corporate Media and Media Relations Mark Becker says people have been getting calls about paying their bill and doing it a very specific way.

"During this heightened time of concern by people, I think they're very nervous they may have their power turned off, but we don't operate that way. What we do if we're going to turn someones power off, and right now we don't anticipate doing that, we would contact them by mail and let them know what we're going to do and try to work it out with people."

Becker says if you get a scam call, don’t attempt to make payment over the phone and write down the call back number or consider asking where the caller is located.

If you think someone tried to scam you or you have questions call NPPD’s Centralized Customer Care Center at 1-877-ASK-NPPD.

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