National Pork Producers Council

WASHINGTON D.C. - The first phase of a trade deal with China includes a commitment to purchase $40 billion in U.S. Ag products by China annually, welcomed by the National Pork Producers Council.

However, the organization says more could be done to open the Chinese market for U.S. hog farmers.

President David Herring attended the signing ceremony Wednesday at the White House, and calls the signing of the agreement a good first step.

"If you look at where we were as an Ag community or pork producer mid-summer last year, compared to today, I think it was very positive. China has committed to buying $40 billion annually of U.S. agriculture products and from a pork producers stand point, I think we should make up a large percentage of those products.”

Herring says removal of tariffs on U.S. pork by China would represent huge opportunities in the future.

He adds China represents a significant market opportunity for U.S. pork, more-so because of the impact of African swine fever on China’s domestic pork production.

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