NORFOLK - If you’re experiencing some bat problems in your home, now is the time to address the situation before the winter months.

Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, & Antelope Counties Wayne Ohnesorg says now bats come and go so if you wait until winter they won’t be leaving your home.

Ohnesorg says first you should locate any holes that the bats could be entering through, as an opening the size of a quarter will be sufficient.

He says buy some nylon mesh netting to make a contraption to remove the bats.

"You're going to hang it so there's about a six inch space between the net and the side of the building. What that does is, it allows the bats to drop out of the hole and fly out and you're going to have a six foot drop there. That drop is long enough that when they try to come back in they can't hit that steep of a climb."

Ohnesorg says you don’t want to kill the bats as they eat a lot of insects around your home.

In other news

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