National Adoption Month

LINCOLN - November is National Adoption Month and the focus this year is on why family matters.

Adoption and Permanency Program Specialist with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Olivia Biggs says adoption numbers in the state have been going up.

"This year we're sitting at about 430 kids that have been adopted. In the past, for five to six years we've been around that 500 mark on average of kids that have been adopted. It's really hard to know if that number is going to go up or down because it depends on the needs of the child."

Nanette Simmons, Permanency Administrator says adoption has provided much needed stability to thousands of children who suffered the trauma of being removed from their homes.

For more information about adoption visit NebraskaHeartGallery.Org or call 1-800-772-7368.

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