Northeast Community College Welcome Center

NORFOLK - Former Northeast Community College students that have debt with the college, but want to come back to finish their degree may have it forgiven thanks to a newly released program.

Amanda Nipp, Vice President of Student Services says it’s an opportunity for Northeast to work with students that register for classes and have debt with Northeast. If they’re successful with classes, the debt will be forgiven.

"So an example would be, maybe students registered and enrolled in classes, but don't realize they need to withdraw. They have a balance due and walk away. They have this balance on their account for a previous credit and this debt sticks with them, it could have been years ago."

Nipp says the program only forgives student debt owed to Northeast, not student loans.

She also says the program could benefit area employers as it may help fill the demand of more skilled workers.

For more information visit the Northeast website or call (402) 844-7001.

Those interested must enroll for the Fall semester by July 30th to qualify.

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