China Seeds

NORFOLK - Residents of Norfolk have joined the ranks of countless citizens of cities in over 30 states that have started receiving packets of seeds in the mail.

Julie Van Meter, a state entomologist with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture says it’s believed these unsolicited packages are originating from China.

Van Meter says they’re working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in investigating the situation.

"Nebraskans that may have received this suspicious seed are asked to hold onto that seed and any packaging and labels that comes with it. Please do not plant the seed. There doesn't appear to be anything nefarious about these other then it appears to be a "brushing scam" where unsolicited packages are sent to individuals and false reviews are created in an effort to boost sales."

Van Meter says there are concerns the seeds themselves could be state or federal noxious weeds, or could carry plant pathogens, insects, or diseases not known to occur in Nebraska and the U.S.

Norfolk Police Captain Mike Bauer says they’re collecting any seeds mailed to Norfolk residents.

If you receive a package call the Police Division.

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