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NORFOLK - With enrollment steadily increasing throughout the Norfolk Public School District, the school and board would like to add-on to numerous buildings.

At the Board of Education meeting Monday night, the board discussed and voted on the commencement a community-wide conversation regarding district facilities and a potential bond issue in the amount of $24.8 million.

Associate Superintendent Dr. Bill Robinson said they would add-on to Bel Air Elementary, Lincoln Montessori, the Middle School, Junior High, and Senior High.

Robinson said if the bond was approved by voters on the November 2020 ballot, taxpayers would not see an increase in their tax levy compared to previous years.

He said they also need to find a good architect.

"This is if the board decides to move forward and if the community says yes. There's a lot of work to do as if it is going to happen, but people need to see drawings, concepts, hear how it will work, how many years it will take to get done, and how much it will cost."

Board Member Bob Waite said he has been concerned about student safety throughout the district so these building additions should help make the schools safer.

"While I don't like to pass bond issues, I think it's wonderful that we'll be able to do this without an increase in local property taxes and provide a safe a secure environment for our students."

The board unanimously approved the commencement of a community-wide conversation and in a separate motion approved the permission to seek RFPs for architectural services on the projects.

The day and time of the conversation will be announced at a later date.

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