Skimming suspect vehicle

THIS SURVEILLANCE photo shows the vehicle that police believe the suspects of the recent skimming cases in Norfolk were driving at the time.

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Police Division is investigating reports of a skimming device being placed at Norfolk gas pumps.

Skimming devices are designed to steal your credit card information when you pay at the gas pump with a credit card.

According to Captain Mike Bauer, they believe that the devices were installed on the pumps Friday or Saturday.

Bauer says so far skimming devices have been located on one pump at Casey’s West, Casey's North, Hy-Vee West, and Louie’s Liquor. 

All their pumps have been inspected and the skimmer was removed. 

If you have purchased gasoline at these gas stations since that time, using a credit card, please review your bank statements for any suspicious activity.

Bauer adds after closer examination of surveillance video, the suspects are two black males driving a newer, light colored, GMC Yukon/ Denali or Cadillac Escalade, possibly silver in color.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Norfolk Police Division at 402-644-8700.

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