Thursday's guest: Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning

NORFOLK - Meridian Clinical Research is conducting COVID-19 vaccine studies locally and Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning encourages you to participate.

Moenning says Meridian is looking for 500 to 1,000 people in the area to take part in phase three of the clinical trials and they’re spearheaded by Dr. Keith Vrbicky.

He says 79 people from the Norfolk area participated in phase two of the study.

"I don't think a lot of people know this, but Dr. Vrbicky gave the first phase two vaccine of the trial in the country in late May. That's pretty remarkable when you think about it, right here in the middle of the country in our hometown, we're at the leading edge of COVID-19 vaccine research. I think that's pretty special."

For phase three Meridian is looking for essential workers, those 65 and older, and people with underlying health conditions. Trials are starting this week.

Moenning said Norfolk and Northeast Nebraska should be really proud that the area is at the cutting edge of COVID-19 vaccine research.

For more information or to sign up visit MCRMED.Com.

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