Truck signs in Norfolk

Signs in Norfolk alert drivers that semi-trailer trucks are limited to several streets around the city. A city ordinance is intended to restrict truck traffic going through Norfolk to a few lanes, while deliveries to locations in town are not restricted to those routes.

NORFOLK - An ordinance passed in December is causing confusion to truck drivers in the community.

During the Norfolk City Council meeting earlier this week, Dan Geary expressed concern with new signs that prohibit truck traffic on certain streets.

When passed in December, the ordinance stated semi traffic is limited to 13th Street, Highway 81, Highway 275 and Victory Road, with an exception for trucks making deliveries in town.

Geary said the signs are causing confusion especially with deliveries not mentioned.

"What are we supposed to do? And are you the City going to obey this? You've got Benjamin Avenue as a declared snow route and you're not going to put trucks on it? So what are we supposed to do with these signs? The way you've got it written nobody obeys them so it becomes one of these sings that - what do we ignore?"

Kenneth Porter also spoke and said he doesn’t agree with prohibiting trucks from Benjamin Avenue.

Public Works Director Steve Rames and council members agreed this is an issue that will be addressed.