Madison County Commissioners 2021

MADISON - The District 7 probation office will be purchasing a new telephone system.

At the Madison County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Chief Probation Officer Kathryn Liebers presented the proposal.

Liebers said the phone system is the backbone of their office.

"We have nine auto-attendant mailboxes right now and we have to be able to add more. That auto-attendant does all of our chemical test call-ins and we have a number of different announcements on the mailbox. We could have upwards of 200 to 300 people calling in at any given time."

To purchase the new phone system, Liebers said they’ll need to increase their budget by $30,000 and Madison County would be responsible for 63 percent which would be an $18,000 increase for the county.

She said the rest of the cost and increase will be spread out between the other eight counties in their service area.

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