Phone Scam

LINCOLN - A new state law that takes aim at scam phone calls from fake numbers became effective Sunday.

Consumer Protection Division Bureau Chief Meghan Stoppel tells News Talk WJAG LB 693, introduced by Sen. Steve Halloran of Hastings give the Attorney General’s office the authority to investigate and pursue litigation against those using “spoofing” tactics to cause harm.

"Spoofing itself is not illegal. There are actually many forms of legal spoofing that folks engage in every day. Spoofing is defined very broadly to include the manipulation of caller ID in any way. What LB 693 does is it really (focuses) the problematic spoofing and makes that illegal."

Stoppel says recognize the warning signs of scams and fraud, and cut down on unwanted phone calls.

For more information go to ProtectTheGoodLife.Nebraska.Gov.

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