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SACRAMENTO, CA - A new water management tool OpenET will soon be available to farmers and ranchers to develop and help maintain their water management plans in the form of an app on their iPhone or android.

Robyn Grimm, senior manager of water information systems for the Environmental Defense Fund says OpenET will use publicly available satellite and weather data.

"OpenET is filling one of the biggest data gaps for the thousand of farmers and water managers across the west who are making important decisions about water every day. With increasing scarcity these farmers and water managers are often being asked to do more with less and one of the most basic pieces of information they need is data on evapotranspiration."

OpenET is being led by NASA, the Desert Research Institute, and Environmental Defense Fund, with in-kind support from Google Earth Engine.

The technical team includes approximately 30 researchers and practitioners.

To learn more about it visit OpenEtData.Org.

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