LINCOLN - An upcoming production takes a closer look at Nebraska’s diverse landscape.

Nikki Bates is the program producer for Nebraska Educational Television’s “Nebraska Roots: Trees and Native Plants” set to premier this weekend.

Bates tells News Talk WJAG Nebraskans have a lot of love for the land, and this is seen in the show.

"Both the trees you know we are the home of Arbor Day but also our native tallgrass prairies and our native plants and the importance of pollinators. This is something that not only tapped in to Nebraska history, but also I (wanted) something that's going to be relevant to everyone across the state."

Bates says part of the documentary was shot at the Gilman Park Arboretum in Pierce and at the Arens family farm in Crofton.

It’s set to premier Sunday night at 6:30 on NET Nebraska’s PBS and NPR stations.

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