Zebra Mussels

COLUMBUS - Many will be heading out to different lakes and state parks this weekend for the Memorial Day holiday.

Mark Becker, Supervisor of Corporate Media and Media Services with the Nebraska Public Power District says they have a number of waterways available to the public for boating, fishing and swimming.

Becker says there are some restrictions in place at Lake Maloney and Sutherland Reservoir.

"We've had to lower the lake down about six inches below normal operating capacity because we have had some limitations in our control room - staffing because of the pandemic situation. We've had to do this in most of our control rooms and make some configuration changes."

Becker says you’re also reminded to clean, drain, and dry your boats and trailers to avoid zebra mussels spreading.

The mussels can also attach themselves to dam and utility mechanisms, causing damage to motors and facilities.

In other news

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