Nebraska Farm Bureau

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Farm Bureau is in support of a new property tax relief bill, LB 974 recently introduced in the Nebraska Legislature.

President Steve Nelson tells News Talk WJAG, the bill was introduced by the Revenue Committee which is chaired by Senator Lou Ann Linehan.

Nelson says the first thing it would do is phase in lower property tax valuations over a three year period for farm and ranch property, but also for residential and commercial property.

"The other piece of it would provide some state money to every student in the state. Today, there are some schools that get a significant amount of aid from the state and others that get very little or none. This would start to work towards bringing some balance."

Nelson says there are no new taxes in the bill, which Governor Pete Ricketts supports, and plenty of money in the state budget to implement it.

He says a public hearing before the Revenue Committee on it is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Nelson says he encourages Nebraskans to let their senator know that they support the bill.

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