Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission

NORFOLK - On Thursday a statewide watch party will be held to introduce a new report called “Elevating Nebraska’s Early Childhood Workforce: Report and Recommendations of the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission.”

Renee Wessels, Associate Executive Director at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska says 68 percent of Nebraskans have expressed overwhelming support for early care and education, but have serious concerns about access, affordability, and quality.

Wessels says the commission has spent the last three years determining the most effective ways to strengthen and expand the early childhood workforce.

She says she appreciates Nebraskans all across the state bringing the issue forward.

"The work of our institute and commission is largely driven in response to communities saying more is needed. We especially need to focus on providing support for professionals in the home based, center based, and school based early childhood workforce who have the most important job in the world, caring for and educating our young children and Nebraska's citizens."

Wessels says watch parties will be held across the state including one in Norfolk on Thursday from 9 to 11 at the Lifelong Learning Center on the Northeast Community College Campus.

You can also view the launch of the report online at EarlyYearsMatter.Org/Workforce.

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