Nebraska Community Foundation

LINCOLN - Nebraska’s homework gap is getting a little smaller after some funding was distributed throughout the state.

Jeff Yost, President and CEO of the Nebraska Community Foundation tells News Talk WJAG 31 Greater Nebraska schools are receiving grants totaling more than $263,000 through affiliated funds and an anonymous donor.

Yost says the homework gap has long existed and with the technology needed for at home work, that gap is increasing.

"The more that schools ask students to do work like that, the more of an educational disparity you may have between the students that have the equipment and the access versus those that don't. And then certainly within the context of the pandemic where we went from all kids being in school all the time to remote learning and doing work from home, it went from a problem to a great big problem."

Yost says Norfolk is one of the communities receiving funding to help purchase internet hotspots and access lines.

He says this is going to make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.

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