Bryan Slone

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce has declared this week “Workforce Week” as a number of workforce bills are set to be discussed in Lincoln.

President Bryan Slone tells News Talk WJAG the current and growing workforce shortage is the number one barrier to private sector growth in Nebraska.

Slone says it's vital to address the workforce shortage now.

"In my view Nebraska's really at one of those critical junctures, and we're already starting to see in the new global economy and in an economy driven by technology. With a workforce shortage across the country states that are taking concrete strategic steps to attract workforce and technology are starting to separate themselves from other states. We definitely want to be one of those leading states."

Slone says one of the bills on their radar is LB-813, introduced by Senator Kate Bolz, which would appropriate $4 million in general funding for Department of Labor apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs.

He adds apprenticeships are key to building skillsets and building the workforce in the state.

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