Troy Bredenkamp

LINCOLN - A renewable fuels industry leader in Nebraska say the EPA’s biofuels plan announcement is welcoming news.

Troy Bredenkamp with Renewable Fuels Nebraska says it will begin the process of recovery and making right some of the many EPA decisions that have hindered the ethanol sector.

The proposal announced Friday follows months of complaints by Midwest farmers, politicians and the ethanol industry that the federal government's granting of waivers to refiners had violated federal law and forced some ethanol plants to close.

Bredenkamp says from their perspective, they’re pleased with what’s going to be included.

"The ethanol industry has asked the EPA to follow the law and the law at this point requires there to be 15 billion gallons of corn based conventional ethanol to be blended with the U.S. fuel supply. What had been happening over the last three years is that small refinery exemptions had been eroding that demand for corn based ethanol."

The proposal will have to go through a rule making process before it is official.

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