Nebraska DHHS Press Conference 2-17-21

LINCOLN - At least 206,000 people have received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in Nebraska with 75 percent of those women, 2.4 percent African American and 3.2 percent Hispanic or Latino.

Those statistics were given by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services CEO Dannette Smith during a press conference Wednesday.

Also discussed was the vaccination strategy, staying heart healthy and Black History Month.

Smith said they’re implementing “Finish Strong Nebraska”, which is their campaign to energize everybody about the importance of getting vaccinated and why you should. A lot of that information can be found at DHHS.NE.Gov.

"On that website, we specifically give you information about where to get vaccinated, we have talking points on there, written materials and commercials. All of those commercials will be launched. One other thing I would say about the materials that we're going to be launching on that particular website is that they are all Spanish speaking."

Smith said the material is downloadable so you can educate the people around you.

In other news

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska officials expect to release a plan in the next two weeks for vaccinating residents with underlying health conditions after they were removed from the high-priority group of senior citizens that are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine right now.

NORFOLK - Norfolk Public Schools has been placed on probation after a racial slur was said by someone from its student section toward the Omaha Northwest girls basketball team during a game February 12.