Nebraska Corn Board Planting

LINCOLN - As the corn planting season progresses, the latest Prospective Plantings report released by the USDA shows Nebraska corn farmers will invest nearly $2.2 billion to plant 9.9 million acres.

Kelly Brunkhorst, Executive Director of the Nebraska Corn Board tells News Talk WJAG, that economic impact is huge.

"We always talk about inflation or the cost of inflation that we see over the years and that number continues to go up, but it's dependent upon the number of acres that are expected to be planted too and this year's acres are down a little bit from where we were last year. We saw that jump and roller coaster a little bit in regards to input prices going up, but acres going down."

Brunkhorst says farmers also purchase seed, fuel, and fertilizer so businesses supplying those products are helped out as well.

He says Nebraska farmers are six percent completed with corn planting which is behind where the state was at this time last year at 17 percent, but progress always depends on the weather forecast.

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